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Nanchang Museum, founded in 1984, is a topological museum, mainly collects the historical relics that can represent and reflect the long cultural history of Nanchang and Jiangxi, and is committed to the study and publicity of the historic culture of Nanchang. There are various precious cultural relics including ceramics, bronze ware, coin, stoneware, jadeware, lacquerware, woodware, etc., featuring the Celadon of Hongzhou Kiln.

Nanchang Museum has a permanent staff of 22 people including 15 professional technicians, providing strong technical support to the study of the historic and cultural relic of Nanchang and development of Nanchang museum.

There are three exhibition halls—Guanying Gate Tower, the Former Site of Zhu De Officer Education Group, Shengjin Tower Scenic Spot. Guanying Tower on the first floor displays Nanchang History of Two Thousand Years. The Former Site of Zhu De Officer Education Group displays Zhu De Picture Shows, Zhu De Officer Education Group Revolution Activity Picture Shows, and Restoration of the Former Site of Zhu De Officer Education Group. There is the Pictures of Cultural Relics Unearthed from the Underground Palace and Spire of Shengjin Tower and Pictures of China Famous Towers in Shengjin Tower. To meet visitors’ urgent needs for learning the history and knowledge of cultural relics, Nanchang Museum will actively communicate with other museums and hold various temporary exhibitions.


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