Exhibition Hall of Guanying Tower

Guanying Tower is a three-storey building beside Xianghu Scenic Spot of Nanchang. The exhibition hall on the first floor covers an area of about 1,600m². In 2005, a large cultural relics exhibition—Nanchang History of Two Thousand Years was held on the first floor of Guanying Tower with the care and support of Nanchang Municipal Party Committee and People’s Government and direct leadership of Nanchang Municipal Cultural Bureau, and was open to the public on May 1st, 2005. The exhibition was divided into five parts according to the sequence of historic development: Part I “Radiate Hubei and Hunan and Adjoin Zhejiang”; Part II “A Prosperous City in the South and the Frontier City for Developing the South Border Area”; Part III “A Metropolis in Regions in the South of the Yangtze River and A Cultural City”; Part IV “The Subinfeudation in Nanchang, Wealthy and Abundant Ning Mansion”; Part V “A Famous City in the Qing Dynasty, Highly Acclaimed in History”. The exhibition features the cultural relics displayed in the form of pictures, model and sand table. The development history of Nanchang since foundation was vividly displayed.


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