Notice for Visitors

1. The Former Site of Zhu De Officer Education Group is open to the public for free;
2. Opening Time: Tuesday-Sunday 9:00am-17:00pm (ticket unavailable after 16:30pm), closed on Monday (except legal holidays)
3. The individual shall register and obtain a ticket with the valid certificate. Please make an appointment two days in advance for group visit;
4. Refuse entry of the drunk, the sloppily-dressed, the incompetent, the one with limited capacity for civil conduct and the one with no guardian accompanying;
5. It is forbidden to carry hazardous articles including flammable and explosive, controlled instruments, etc. and pets;
6. The large articles are suggested to be stored at deposit office. Please safeguard your own valuables;
7. Video recording, flashlight and tripod are prohibited in the exhibition hall;
8. Maintain environmental health, no spitting, no littering, no smoking;
9. Please protect public facilities. Do not touch cultural relics, exhibits and showcase;
10. Comply with visiting order. Obey the guidance of the working personnel. No fighting. Do not speak loudly. Please set your phone to mute mode.
Consulting Hotline: 86-791-86221207

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