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  Welcome to the website of Nanchang Museum!
   Nanchang has been built for more than two thousand years and has a profound historical and cultural background. It has been selected as a famous historical and cultural city in China. As an important display window for the cultural image of Nanchang, Nanchang Museum plays an important role in the promotion and display of Nanchang’s local history and culture with its exquisite exhibitions, rich collections, high-quality services, and innovative activities. It has become a guide for tourists from all over the world to interpret Nanchang. Important place.
   Nanchang City Museum was established in 1984. It is a comprehensive topographical museum. For many years, it has devoted itself to the collection of cultural relics, scientific research, and social education. It has achieved remarkable results and won many honors. Through the efforts of several generations of Shibo staff, the current collection of our museum covers various cultural relics that confirm the local history of Nanchang from the Neolithic period to modern times, including ceramics, gold and silver, bronze, jade, lacquered wood, stone carvings, Silk fabrics, calligraphy and paintings, among which the Hongzhou kiln celadon is the richest representative, are important material evidence of the historical and cultural development and changes of Nanchang.
With the development of society, governments at all levels pay more attention to cultural undertakings. The Nanchang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government included the construction of the new museum of Nanchang City in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan of Nanchang City" and became Nanchang City's "10th Five-Year Plan" in 2012. One of the "Great People's Livelihood Project". The new museum of Nanchang City is located in the beautiful Chaoyang area, which will become another major landscape of Nanchang City after its completion. The new museum is currently under construction.
   We sincerely welcome friends to the Nanchang Museum to appreciate the unique cultural charm of Nanpo Land, and give comments and suggestions on our work.
   Thank you.

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