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Organization Institution

   Nanchang City Museum is a full-scale public institution at the sub-county level. It has 5 departments, namely, the Exhibition and Storage Section, the Archaeological Excavation Section, the Shengjinta Cultural Management Office, the Office, and the Security Section. As a sub-division.
  Department and responsibilities:
1. Exhibition Storage Division: Mainly responsible for all business work in the museum except for rescue archaeological excavations, including the collection and protection of cultural relics, holding exhibitions, publicity and promotion, and conducting academic research.
2. Archaeological Excavation Department: Mainly responsible for the investigation and protection of cultural relics within Nanchang City, and rescue archaeological excavations.
  3. Shengjinta Cultural Management Office: responsible for the management, protection and maintenance of Shengjinta, a provincial cultural relics protection unit; holding exhibitions; collecting cultural relics and materials related to Shengjinta for academic research, etc.
  4. Office: Responsible for various administrative affairs and logistical support in the library, and responsible for information exchange and communication with higher-level departments and external liaison affairs.
   5. Security Section: Responsible for the security and comprehensive management of the entire museum.  

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