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  Opening hours

  Every Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 — 17:00 (16:30 no invoices), closed on Monday (except statutory holidays)

  How to visit

   In order to ensure the safety of cultural relics and visit order, the museum implements limited audiences and orderly control. The audience can enter the pavilion after picking up their tickets at the ticket office and going through the security check.

  一. Ordinary audience

  You can enter the museum after picking up your ticket with a valid certificate at the ticket office and going through the security check.

   2. Make an appointment to visit

   Before making an appointment, visitors can follow the museum's WeChat official account or log in to the museum's official website to register with their real names and complete your relevant information before they can enjoy the reservation service provided by the museum.

  1, personal appointment

   For personal visits, please register a valid certificate and receive a visit voucher on the day. After making an appointment, please self-collect the ticket at the ticket office with the reservation number and valid certificate. If you do not arrive at the museum within the scheduled time, it will be deemed invalid.

  2, team appointment

   Please make an appointment for the tour guide or team leader at least two days in advance.

   When making an appointment, you must fill in the real-name information of the team members in detail, and ensure that the information is true and valid.

  After the reservation is made, please pick up the tickets at the ticket office with the reservation number and valid certificate.

   After entering the museum, the tourist team must put away the guide flag, turn off the loudspeaker, and strictly abide by the relevant regulations of the museum.

   Non-reservation teams must line up with the general audience to collect tickets and wait for the visit.

  3. Caring for the crowd (you need to show your valid ID)

   The elderly over 65, the disabled, active soldiers, disabled revolutionary soldiers, and retired cadres (one caregiver can be brought) are given priority for admission to the museum.

  Special reminder

  1. Do not smoke in the hall

  2. Do not touch the exhibits

  3. Please do not use professional equipment such as flashes, tripods and selfie sticks to take pictures in the exhibition hall

  4. Please do not bring all kinds of controlled knives, lighters, dangerous goods and pets into the venue

  5. Alcoholics, people with disheveled appearance, incapacitated or restricted capacity without guardians are not allowed to enter the museum

  6. ​​Others hinder the safety of exhibits and affect the audience. Visitors are not allowed to enter the hall

   7. In case of various emergencies, please obey the uniform arrangements of the staff.

   Thank you for your understanding and support!

   In the event of major events or maintenance of important equipment and facilities, the museum can be temporarily closed as needed, and the public will be notified at that time.

  Inquiry Tel: 0791-86221207

  Service Guide

  In order for the audience to have a better and more comfortable visit, our museum provides the following services:

   Rental Service:

   wheelchair stroller shawl

  Item Storage:

   Large items storage

  Convenience service:

   Maternal and child room water dispenser, medicine box, free access to information, mobile phone charging station, umbrella bag machine, convenience box (sewing kit, map, magnifying glass, reading glasses)

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