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Nanchang Museum 2021-03-08

Nanchang Museum's public recruitment announcement for non-staff personnel

Nanchang Museum is a public welfare institution under the Nanchang Bureau of Culture,Radio,Television,Press,Publication and Tourism.At present,Nanchang City Museum is stepping up the construction of the new museum.In order to meet the free opening service requirements of the new museum,in accordance with the principle of"openness,equality,competition,and selection of the best",it specially recruits non-staff staff from the public.The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:
Announcement on Nanchang Museum 2021-03-08

Announcement on Nanchang Museum's Solicitation of Witnesses Against the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic

At the beginning of 2020,a sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia broke out in the country.Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee,the whole country is united and committed.
Nanchang Museum Cultural Relic Collection Solicitation Announcement 2021-03-08

Nanchang Museum Cultural Relic Collection Solicitation Announcement

Founded in 1984,Nanchang Museum is the only comprehensive history museum in Nanchang.The construction of a new museum is about to start.In order to further enrich the collection and build a complete collection system,
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