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Opinions of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs and other 20 departments on strengthening the work of preferential treatment of military members, veterans and other preferential treatment targets issued by the Ministry of Veterans (2020) No. 1

Time of issue: : 2020-07--23
The Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of each province, autonomous region, and municipality directly under the Central Government, the Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Government, the Education Department (Education Commission), the Public Security Department (Bureau), the Civil Affairs Department (Bureau), the Justice Department (Bureau), the Finance Department (Bureau), Housing and Department of Urban and Rural Development (Committee), Department of Transportation (Bureau, Committee), Department of Culture and Tourism (Bureau), Health Commission, Department of Veterans Affairs (Bureau), Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureaus, Letters and Calls Bureaus (Offices), Forestry and Grassland authorities, regional administrations of civil aviation, transportation airlines, airport companies, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Party Committee Propaganda Department, Development and Reform Commission, Education Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, Justice Bureau, Finance Bureau, Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Transportation Bureau, Culture, Sports, Broadcasting, Television and Tourism Bureau, Health Commission, Veterans Affairs Bureau, Letters and Calls Bureau, Forestry and Grassland Bureau, various theaters, various services and branches, various departments of the Military Commission, the Academy of Military Sciences, National Defense University, National Defense University of Science and Technology , Armed Police Force Political Work Department (Bureau, Division), Logistics Support Department, Railway Bureau Group Companies:
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