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Nanchang Museum currently has two exhibition halls, which are located in Guanying City Tower and Shengjin Pagoda Thousand Buddha Temple. The exhibition hall on the first floor of Guanying City Tower is equipped with the basic display of "Two Thousand Years of History of Nanchang"; Shengjin Pagoda Thousand-Buddha Temple has "Photo Exhibition of Cultural Relics Unearthed from Shengjin Pagoda Palace and Pagoda", "Photo Exhibition of Chinese Righteous Qi Songs" and so on. In order to satisfy the desire of visitors to learn about history and cultural relics, Nanchang Museum will actively develop inter-library exchanges with other museums and hold various thematic temporary exhibitions.

Bronze Mirror with Four Breasts and Animal Pattern
Photography equipment. Bronze. A tiger is decorated under the semicircular button seat, and part of the body is embodied around the seat. The main area outside the four sides of the broad concave line box is decorated with a bird or a beast, which is a dragon, a phoenix, a unicorn, and a tiger, and they are separated by a breast. The wide flat rim is decorated with a curling cloud pattern, which is one of the popular patterns on bronze mirrors in the Eastern Han Dynasty. The bronze mirror has a bas-relief shape, drawn with lines, and the picture is full. The beasts are strong and vigorous, full of vitality, showing the meaning of auspiciousness. The picture on the mirror creates a scene of gods, birds and beasts in the sky, accompanied by clouds.
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
Gilt Bronze Buddha Statue
The Buddha statue barely exposes the upper right body, and the hair is high in a bun, and it is shaped like a pointed golden-topped blue snail hair. Sit with your legs crossed on the seat of the lotus head. The face has delicate eyebrows, a gemstone on his forehead, and both earlobe shoulders. The right hand makes the seal of falling demons, and the left hand makes the seal of saying. The various gestures of Buddhism represent various teachings of Buddhism. It is a human language with Indian characteristics and expresses extremely rich meanings. There are five common seals, namely, the seal of saying, the seal of fearlessness, the seal of wishing, the seal of descending demons, and the seal of meditation, namely "five seals of Sakyamuni".
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
Lotus pattern square mirror
Photography equipment. Bronze. Square, semi-circular buttons. The bas-relief line modeling, thin lines hook out two lotus flowers, the stems and branches are not obvious, only leaves and flowers are seen. The two lotus leaves are broad, and the two lotus flowers are in buds. They are arranged at intervals and diagonally distributed. The Song Dynasty bronze mirror casting process declined, the shape was thin, the shape was sparse, and the ornamentation was simplified. The decoration of this bronze mirror is not exquisite, but the style of the era is bright, the image is simple, the flowers and leaves are huge, and the lines are smooth, showing the mood of autumn wind blowing in the lotus pond, and the flowers and leaves fluctuate.
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
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