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Nanchang Museum currently has two exhibition halls, which are located in Guanying City Tower and Shengjin Pagoda Thousand Buddha Temple. The exhibition hall on the first floor of Guanying City Tower is equipped with the basic display of "Two Thousand Years of History of Nanchang"; Shengjin Pagoda Thousand-Buddha Temple has "Photo Exhibition of Cultural Relics Unearthed from Shengjin Pagoda Palace and Pagoda", "Photo Exhibition of Chinese Righteous Qi Songs" and so on. In order to satisfy the desire of visitors to learn about history and cultural relics, Nanchang Museum will actively develop inter-library exchanges with other museums and hold various thematic temporary exhibitions.

Feifengjin picks heart
Ming Dynasty gold and silver jewelry has rich styles and complex combinations. The various hairpins in a pair of heads and faces are named because of their location. Heart-picking is the bottom-up hairpin inserted in the center of the hair bun on the upper forehead, so it is called "heart-picking". It is the most conspicuous position in jewelry.
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
gold ring
ring-shaped, the ring surface is raised from one side of the ring into the shape of “mountain”. The ring face is decorated with a Buddha statue, which shows the head and body with engraving techniques. The engraved water ripples under the Buddha image seem to be a lotus seat, and the short vertical lines engraved behind the Buddha image seem to be backlit.
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
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